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2024 Web Development Wish List

Here is my 2024 Webdev wish list. It will be interesting to see in January next year what has been done!

1. AppWrite

  • Joins - see Future of Queries - MariaDB supports json joins, so definitely possible!

2. Dgraph

3. SvelteKit

  • TypeScript REPL - The fact that a new project defaults to JSDoc, even though statistically MOST people use TS is telling. This would save so much time on Stack Over Flow... (web socket support next).

4. Firebase

  • Search without external product. I don't want to use Algolia. I built a search package, but it is a hack and uses lots of space.

5. Hasura

  • Nested Mutation - 113 thumbs up, and still open since 2019... another case of not listening to the users?

6. Prisma

Web Sockets / Real Time built in. Again, 409 up votes on Github, and they offer 3rd party support. Version 1 had this. Edge Functions DO support web sockets. Let's get this done!

7. Postgres

Fix, and don't ignore, the outdated Multi-Version Concurrency Control.

8. mySQL

Row (and Column) Level Security - I don't care what a certain YouTuber says.

9. Supabase

Despite what most people think, postgREST is incredibly powerful. I know, I am a sponsor. I specifically am trying to get nested mutation built-in. Currently, queries are probably more powerful than Hasura or Prisma, but most people don't know this.

10. CloudFlare

Assuming SWR (stale while revalidate) is working, we could definitely use the ability to edit images in workers. We would need support for node canvas or something similar.

11. Vercel

Edge On Demand Revalidation. Nuff said.

12. Angular

Deploy to all Edge Functions, no nodejs / commonjs dependencies. I'm still waiting for an Angular Team Member's reply... which is really in reference to this.

13. React

Signals? apparently fine grained reactivity.

14. Tailwind

More built in functions that mirror native CSS, especially in the animation department, and the shapes / effects department.

15. Fireship

New courses!

16. EdgeDB

Get some good marketing because this thing is not well know, it looks awesome! - Cloud Version as well!

17. SurrealDB

Get Cloud Version going!

18 Mongo DB

A Fully secure JS package like Firebase with real time subscriptions built in. Mongoose for the front end please!

19 SolidJS

Solid Start V1 Please!

20 AnalogJS

Umm, ng templates look awesome! Let's get it working like a charm!

21 Qwik

Let's get a UI Framework built... anyone!?

That's all she wrote for now!

What is on your list?


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Anthony Master

These are good and well thought out. Quite an overview of products and services.

pshaddel profile image
Poorshad Shaddel

Nice article Jonathan! I already gave up on Dgraph :( but let's see what the future brings!

jfbloom22 profile image
Jonathan Flower

great writup. Added my thumbsups to the github issues you mentioned.

lveillard profile image

You can do nested mutations in Blitz 😏

We will soon open the beta!