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Firebase Needs More Compatibility for JavaScript Environments

After writing dozens of articles for Firebase (see my Firebase Course), I realize there is a bigger reason I haven't jumped back on board with it: Firebase JS SDKs don't run on all server environments.

Lack of Deployment Options

Firebase only runs on NodeJS. This means it is incompatible with Cloudflare Workers (which Vercel Edge Functions use), Bun, Deno, or any other non-NodeJS JavaScript environments.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to run Firebase on Serverless environments with cold starts.


  • Firestore Lite - No Session Management or Authentication Management. Will only work for Public Fetches.
  • REST API - Complex fetching, manually convert JSON objects for manual tying
  • Firebase Admin REST - UNOFFICIAL package, still in development

Feature Request

Is this preventing you from using Firebase? Do you use Firebase on Serverless anyway?

(Please don't post about other Firebase opinions)


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