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Are people ready for PWA?

Julien Calixte
Frontend & mobile developer in TypeScript/VueJS/React Native. Love building offline first PWAs. 🇧🇷🇫🇷🇪🇺
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Do you think people are ready to use a product that is only accessible with a PWA?

People are now trained to search on stores and install the app even when there is a website, only the app is the real product.

In other words, do you think a product can be profitable with a Progressive Web App only? Or definitely needs a native or desktop apps...

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Etienne Burdet

I still to have to explain to people how they can install it. Mainly right now, I use it as a way around the app stores, but still have to share the link and "how to insall" procedure.

Now, ready or not for adding to homescreen, there is a lot you can leverage already with service workers to drastically reduce your network load.

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Chris McKay

I think we're nearing that point. Right now, though, if you want performance or to utilize many of the features of the device, native still holds the crown.

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