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Great Esolangs

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Sometimes, esolangs can just be amazing. In this article, I will showcase 5 esolangs that I think are stupendous. NONE OF THESE ARE MINE

5. Jellyscript

Those of you who have seen my article A beginner's guide to the thulium esolang will know about this language as well. It is the language that inspired me to create thulium.

GitHub logo nguyenphuminh / Jellyscript

An esoteric scripting/programming language (esolang) that's dumb

A scripting language that f*cks with you

What is Jellyscript ?

Jellyscript is an esoteric programming language that will screw with your life since it only has 10 commands and can barely even do anything. Jellyscript runs on your browser using HTML and the embeddable Jellyscript's interpreter written in Javascript.



You can install Jellyscript with:


git clone


npm install --save-dev jelscript


Add this to your .html file:

<script type="text/jellyscript"&gt
  This is where you write your codes
<script src="jellyscript.min.js"></script&gt


<script type="text/jellyscript">
  This is where you write your codes
<script src=""></script>


Jellyscript use an array with 100000 cells, every cells starts with the value of 0. Your codes will interact with each cells to work.


  • J -> move to the next cell.
  • E -> move to the previous cell.
  • l -> increment the value of the cell by 1.
  • L ->
  • 4. VNC

    Ok so this is going to be a theme but nguyenphuminh created 3 of these languages. VNC is basically Vietnamese batchfile.

    GitHub logo nguyenphuminh / VNC

    A programming language for Vietnamese

    A programming language for Vietnameses


    What is VNC ?

    VNC is a scripting/programming language created for Vietnamese with syntax which specifies Vietnamese. This language was built based on the source code of another language which I also made called "FreakC"

    Chuyển sang tiếng Việt...

    Compiler's usage

    In the "VNC" folder, open cmd and type this command to compile and run the code:

    vnc file_name


    vnc Examples/HelloWorld.vnc

    If you want to compile the code only, type:

    vnc file_name --dich

    If you want to compile the code and show the compiled code, type:

    vnc file_name --dichvadoc

    To show the current version of the devkit, type:

    vnc --phienban

    To create a new VNC project quickly, you can type:

    vnc project_name --tao

    The compiler only works on Windows, and can only be compiled to Batch.


  • English
  • Samples

    Click here to see samples

    Convert VNC to .EXE files

    In "vnc/utils/scripts" there is a…

    3. Bf

    I cannot talk about esoteric programming languages without mentioning the most well-known. It doesn't have an official github page yet but it is worth putting here.

    2. Long

    Long is a language based on ASCII and perfect for minimalists.

    GitHub logo pranavbaburaj / long

    A simple, elegant, and useless esoteric programming language written in typescript


    chat stars draw Tweet

    You can find more about the language is this blog

    A simple, elegant, useless, minimal esoteric programming language created for fun

    An example

    72+#29+#7+##3+#79-# 55+#24+#3+#6-#8-#68-#1+# ;


    The documentation is under contruction


    The long programming language is licensed under the MIT license . You can read it here

    1. FreakC

    FreakC is by far one of the best custom-made esolangs I know of. It is useful in many ways and is one of the few languages that can self-recreate.

    GitHub logo nguyenphuminh / FreakC

    An esoteric programming language (esolang) that's actually useful

    A programming language for drunk coders


    What is FreakC ?

    FreakC is a transpiled esoteric scripting language that... has nothing to do with the C programming language. This language's syntax is dirty and funny (or even offensive), but technically, it functions just like a normal language and is able to create usable programs. It is very similar to Batch, and it is also transpiled to Batch Proceed to Discord...

    Why FreakC ?

    If you are drunk or freaking crazy, FreakC is like Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington to homeless people. (Yes)

    What is in the devkit ?

  • A FreakC compiler
  • Some optional utilities
  • Compiler's usage

    In the "FreakC" folder, open cmd and type this command to compile and run the code:

    freakc file_name


    freakc "Examples/HelloWorld.fclang"

    If you want to compile the code only, type:

    freakc file_name --compile

    If you want to compile the code and show the compiled code, type:

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