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3 JavaScript Snippets to get you started

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After a bitter battle with React, I jumped at the chance to answer some questions questions I got about JavaScript. While those conversations took place offline, I still think it might be helpful to provide some snippets for the most common problems other programming students were struggling with.

Manipulating the DOM

  • In JavaScript, this happens over 3 parts:
  • Fetch requests or API calls
  • Rendering on the DOM
  • Event Handling

More and more, I understand why most programming blog posts tend to be on the longer side. But as always, I will try to provide some (templated) short snippets, with little commentary, followed by a third-party resource which goes into more detail.

Fetch requests (GET)

let url = "http://localhost:3000/books"
.then(res => res.json())
.then(data=> {
data.forEach(book => {
parentElement.innerHTML += render(book)
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Add API objects to DOM

const render=(book)=>{
    <button class='del-btn> 🗑</button>
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Add event handler to delete item from DOM on click

let divTag = document.querySelector('div')

divTag.addEventListener('click', (event) => {
if('del-btn') {
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These are extremely simplified examples to give you an idea of how these 3 parts can interact with each other. For more detailed reading, this article by freecodecamp provides a great basis exploring JavaScript DOM manipulation and API calls in more detail

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Rajnish Katharotiya

Really amazing article on JS Snippets, I have also started a series for the same.
Check snippet for how to validate every record of the collection with a unique case on

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