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3 apprenticeships you should apply to in 2021 (part 2)

As a bootcamp grad, I try to keep an eye out for opportunities like these to share with my network. It can be difficult to compete against more experienced developers and CS majors for FTE positions. But many companies are specifically seeking us out for the unique perspectives we bring.

In addition to the 3 programs I shared, below is a list of 3 more programs, with applications opening this year.

  1. Pandora + Sirius XM - Applications opened NOW

    • This is a six-month apprenticeship at SiriusXM + Pandora. It seems to be a collaboration with Onramp, which offers support in preparing to apply. The program has a few locations available - Oakland, CA; New York, NY; and Atlanta, GA
    • The apprenticeship website offers some details into the program, like salary ($23 - $29 / hour based on location), as well as a roadmap of the interview process from application to getting an offer.
  2. Sparkbox - Applications open Fall 2021

    • A little known apprenticeship program. In addition to Fullstack, they also have a Frontend Design Apprenticeship. I learned about this program from this interview on The Come Up. Hearing about Jhilene's with Sparkbox, I would highly recommend applying.
    • Working with this dev shop in Dayton, OH, apprentices can expect to build core fundamentals of object-oriented programming. The company prioritizes test-driven development, writing clean code, and helping nontraditional developers enter the industry.
    • What does it take to become a Sparkbox apprentice? Passion, character, and initiative. Applications for the 2022 Full-Stack Developer Apprenticeship will open later this year. Set a reminder to apply Fall 2021, follow them on Twitter, and check their amazing blog, the Foundry for updates. They even have an apprenticeship GitHub repo that further provides more information.
  3. Twitter - Applications open April 2021

    • The Twitter apprenticeship is open to developers from a variety of backgrounds. Similar to the Google program, apprentices can expect to be employed after the 12-month program. This is because apprentices are hired as full-time Twitter employees, but with additional hands-on coaching and support to succeed.
    • Applicants need two years' of (any) work experience, proficiency in 1 language, and an interest in working on iOS; Android; Web technologies; or backend systems.

Did I miss any 2021 apprenticeship programs? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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Fantastic content, thank you for sharing, especially the link to "The Come Up"-- and now I'm excited to learn about Sparkbox!