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Create Redhat Openshift -Shared Kubernetes Cluster - Free 30 Day Access

What you'll do.

  1. Create RedHat Account.
  2. Open Developer Sandbox.
  3. Create Free 30-Day Shared OpenShift Kubernetes Cluster.

1. Create Redhat Account.

  • Go to Redhat and register by giving your information.
  • Provide Username, Email Id, Password,
  • Verify Email - click on link in your email inbox to verify.

2. Open Developer Sandbox

- Red Hat Developer Sandbox Has 3 services

  1. Red Hat OpenShift:

    A cloud-native application platform with everything you need to manage your development life cycle securely, including standardized workflows, support for multiple environments, continuous integration, and release management.

  2. Red Hat Dev Spaces

    A collaborative Kubernetes-native solution for rapid application development that delivers consistent developer environments on Red Hat OpenShift to allow anyone with a browser to contribute code in under two minutes.

  3. Red Hat Data Science

    Red Hat OpenShift Data Science is a part of the Red Hat OpenShift AI portfolio and provides tools across the AI/ML lifecycle.

  • Click on Option 1: Red Hat OpenShift
  • click on Login with DevSandbox Image description
  • Developer Prespective

Image description

  • Copy Login Command - Go to Top right corner of username dropdown and select option

Image description

  • Download OpenShift CLI (oc)
  • Login via Command

  • Login via this command: oc login --token=sha256~123-elkjadsg-325o8-98739487 --server=

$ oc login --token=sha256~123-elkjadsg-325o8-98739487 --server=
Logged into "" as "jasper475" using the token provided.

You have one project on this server: "jasper475-dev"

Using project "jasper475-dev".
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  • use Kubectl to interact with OpenShift Cluster.

3. Red Hat OpenShift Console

  • Pods

Image description

  • Deployments

Image description

  • Replica Sets

Image description

  • Services

Image description

  • Routes

Image description

  • Ingresses

Image description

Thanks to Abhishek Veeramalla

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