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Jasmin Virdi
Jasmin Virdi

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Twilio Support Chat

After hearing about the hackathon I was very interested in it and was looking forward to participating. It is a great opportunity provided by Dev team and Twilio

I initially spent 2-3 days brainstorming as to what should I build in this hackathon. Then I realized that in this pandemic we are so much dependent on the food stores in our nearby areas. Most of us are ordering food and healthcare goods online, while ordering if we come across any issue we don't have any option other than phone to connect with the store. In this situation, most of the time the phone is busy as that is the only source of communication.


It came across my mind that if they have any other medium to communicate like support chat by which the user can directly connect with the store to enquire about their issues. This support chat will be used as a widget on the website via which the users can connect with the agents to resolve their queries.
A user can register for the features like scheduling calls with the agent or getting SMS updates about the processing of their queries via this chat.

Summing up, it will be chatbot for all the food stores like Lidl and D-Mart where users can directly connect to the store to ask about the issues they are facing while using their services.

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