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Customer support Chatroom

What I built

In this pandemic, we are very much dependent on our nearby stores to deliver the goods and services. These stores have websites but if any issues come up the only way to connect to them is manually or via phone.

In such situations, the phone is either busy or not reachable. So in order to enhance the communication, I have built a chatroom service with features like schedule a phone call and get SMS updates.

Through this chatroom, the client can connect with customer care discuss the issues over chat and if required can also schedule a call and register himself to get SMS updates. My major motive was to increase the means of communication so that both the parties do not face issues and are not blocked. Customers can easily avail the services and get the work done on time and also the stores don't lose their customers. πŸ˜„

Link to Code

Github Repository Link


This project supports different means of communication like chat, voice call, and SMS

  • Basic chatroom

Alt Text

To chat between two people open the application in two tabs. The first user will be the customer and the second will be the customer agent.

  • Schedule a call for assistance.

Alt Text

  • Register your Phone Number to get updates about the progress of the issue.

Alt Text

When the user submits his Phone Number he will get a phone call at the moment and the same for SMS.
SMS will be received in bulk as for the testing purpose some data is fed into DB. So as soon as the user register for SMS service he will be getting multiple automated messages as a CRON is running to send the automated message to the user based on the time.

Tech Used

  • Backend - Node.js and Express.js
  • Frontend - React
  • Twilio Chat service
  • Twilio Voice Call service
  • Twilio SMS service

Additional Resources/Info

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In the end, I would like to thank the Dev team and Twilio Team for giving this amazing opportunity to try some new challenging problems.
Keep inviting us to more hackathons. ❀️

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