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How to get more views on

I have not many followers on social media in general, mostly because I am not the type who engages a lot in social media debates so I have not much inherent reach when publishing.

What can I do to improve my reach without using clickbait titles, writing about "hype topic xyz" or linking articles in comments (which I think is a very cheap form of advertisement)?

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Jan Küster Author

I am with you there! It's the same in science. Most efforts are done by groups and seldom by individuals. But there are also very strong q/a peocesses going on.

A good move for would be to have articles Peer reviewed and those passing the review with higher quality Standards should be listed on top or get pinned, Featured or added to the Newsletter etc.

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Jan Küster Author • Edited on

Problem is that keeping high quality articles over time without getting something back is just frustrating and leads imo to shorter and less qualitative articles. Or maybe we should split out another platform like devpro with higher quality barriers for articles targeting advanced users.