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9 Helpful Tips For Every Computer Science Student

jamesshah profile image James Shah ・1 min read

Hello there! In this post, I’m going to share some of the very useful tips that every computer science student should follow. This is not some programming guide but rather these are some general useful tips that you should try to follow if you are a computer science student or if you are planning to learn to program and getting a job in the same. Let’s get started!

  1. Don’t rely on College lectures only, but also don’t bunk all the lectures

You are not going to learn every piece of tech from college lectures, so stop relying on lectures and colleges and start learning on your own but by that, I don’t mean that you should bunk lectures.
Some of the basics of programming and fundamentals you can learn very well from college lectures. But most of the college syllabus has not been updated for the last 10 years or so and therefore it is not so industry-oriented and doesn’t cover the latest technologies. Therefore, you should learn about the latest technologies and frameworks on your own.

  1. Learn how to work with a team

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