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Typescript design token docs in Storybook

jamescryer profile image James ・1 min read

Storybook is great for documenting UI components but what about data structures such as a themes and design tokens? Here's a super quick way to add design token documentation into your Storybook.

Using MDX and ArgsTable

In designtoken.stories.mdx:

import { Meta, Story, Canvas, ArgsTable } from '@storybook/addon-docs/blocks';
import { Theme, Breakpoints } from './helpers';

<Meta title="Design Tokens/Theme" />

### Theme

<ArgsTable of={Theme} />

#### Breakpoint Device Types

<ArgsTable of={Breakpoints} />

  <Story name="Theme">
    <span>See Docs tab</span>
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Where helper.tsx is:

import { ThemeType, theme } from '../DesignTokens';

export const Theme: (Theme: ThemeType) => void = () => {};

export const Breakpoints: (Breakpoints: typeof theme.Breakpoints) => void = () => {};
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This super simple approach allows us describe important contracts throughout our design system implementation, without the need to manually write and maintain that documentation. Below is a screenshot of how that might look.

Screenshot of Storybook documentation showing properties and type information

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