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Learn why Scriptless Automated Testing is the Need of the Hour

We know that today the World is hyped about automated testing. And if you are left behind, then you probably need to know about Scriptless Automated Testing.
Almost all the proliferating businesses today concentrate on automated testing. They understand how good is the ROI and the reasonable accuracy of such testing. It also helps and a specific streamlined target-oriented approach towards completing goals.
No matter what you want to test, you must know that every business house can make the full out of automated testing. With so much commotion in the frame, if are confused, let us get started with the basics of Automated Testing.

Understand what stops you from going to Automation Testing

Let us start with the primary factor that why most people refrain from using Automated Testing:

  1. It is primarily due to the burden of maintenance both financially and technically.
  2. Moreover, introducing Automated Testing is like the incorporation of a whole new fabric in the business.
  3. Every new product the company launches, the script for automated testing needs a thorough revision, upgradation, and change.
  4. All of this involves plenty of time, training of the employees, and other investments. This may seem to be an additional cost to many businesses, and that is even true.
  5. Scariest of all: Creating new testing tools and a comprehensive network for automated testing is tricky. The problem statement alone can hardly make a difference unless backed by a genuinely working solution. And this genuinely fantastic solution that can make Automated Testing better and more adaptable is making it Scriptless. By Scriptless Automated Testing, one can make automated testing much more:
  6. Accessible
  7. Hassle-free
  8. Reduced Time
  9. Improved ROI
  10. Better Cost to Benefit Ratio With Scriptless Automated Testing, the time needed to develop a new script for every new product will be drastically reduced. Thus improving the ROI and cost to benefit ratio. With less necessary coding for scriptless automated testing, effort, time, and labor force investment are considerably reduced, widening the profit margin.

What makes it so Special?

Scriptless Automated testing opens a new horizon for enhanced productivity. Where script-based automated testing needed plenty of effort and time, scriptless ways can be better in every aspect.
One crucial factor in understanding here is that, whether scripted or scriptless, the benefits of automated testing remain the same. But when things get scriptless, things get easier.
Also, scriptless testing makes it easier to manage things automatically, and less effort for maintenance. This is a stellar attraction for this model.
Automated Testing tools are the frontline players for this whole game. By selecting the right tools, one can get the automated testing done quickly and avoid maintenance hassle.
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These Benefits will make you switch to Scriptless Automated Testing Tool

This approach of scriptless automated testing tools is almost a significant renaissance in the Testing World. Minimizing the intermediate face needed and maximizing the efficiency are the two targets of Scriptless Automated Testing.
The programming languages and codes for scriptless automated testing are not that complex and easy to learn. There is no need to hire expert coders who charge exceptionally high fees. Managing business operations, testing new products, and fixing bugs are now achievable with scriptless automated testing.
Let us have a glance at the significant benefits of Scriptless:

Easy Interface

The best part of using scriptless automated testing is the ease of use. The integration and easy adherence of coding and testing basics is the backbone of automated testing. Whether data driving, modularity, or UI object definition – these tasks are now far easier to do with the Automated Testing tools. You need to know the correct tool to get along with and the easiest way to start your work.

Cuts Down the Automation Time

After developing any product, all the companies want the testing to be finished asap for an early release into the market. At this stage, many businesses become impatient! So, the quicker you can spend with all the testing processes, the better it is. In this case, using this automated testing is the best way to get along. One can quickly nullify the extra time needed to develop scripts for testing through this test. So, by imbibing scriptless automated testing, you can improve delivery speed and make the overall product development lifecycle speedier. You can also utilize the saved time for bug fixing and improving the quality of the product.

Coding No More Depends on Scripts

Does the dependency of Coding on Scripts irritate you? Does the unavailability of testers make you frustrated? Now you can efficiently eliminate the tool-specific coding concept with automated testing. You do not need any dedicated script development process when the whole thing goes scriptless. With this testing, you can also trace almost all the reusable components. Remove the complexities associated with languages and tools for testing by resorting to scriptless automated testing. You no more have to depend on QTP professionals because testing will become a simple object and action-driven process.

Reduced Automation Costs

Not only time but the cost of automation also gets remarkably diminished with the switch to scriptless automated processes. This saves you from spending a wholesome amount on training your developers for scripting processes. You can save the labor and training session costs that alone amount to an enormous production expenditure. Automation engineers can figure out the most appropriate and suitable automated testing tools for your product with the proper use of technology like DevOps, Unit Testing, and White Box Testing.

Broadens the Participatory Base

The Business Analysts and other members of the house, like stakeholders, have a minimalistic idea of coding. If they have to place their opinion in an environment that involves the complexities of coding, it would be simply a fuss and not even ideal for them. By making the environment a bit non-rigid with the incorporation of Scriptless Automated Testing, there can be a fine blend of the technical and non-technical people to share their views on a common platform.

Benefits of Scriptless Automated Testing in a Nutshell

Here are the five core benefits:
No need to improvise the script framework with every new product

  • No need of dedicated coders
  • All types of testing like regression testing, smoke testing, and user acceptance testing are possible with this approach
  • Customized process of test execution
  • Effortless and cheap maintenance
  • Saves time and money
  • Improves ROI
  • Makes the entire process hassle free With so much information on a plate, Scriptless Automated Testing must have become crystal clear and convincing by now. This blog is originally published at TestGrid

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