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5 Challenges in Mobile Testing [with Guide to Overcome them]

Today, mobile testing processes are changing thanks to Chinese and other affordable brands, there is hardly any person without a mobile and internet connection
Today mobile has become a commodity for us. Without it, life is impossible.
The increase in mobile content reading, watching, and use of software applications for making the job more accessible has also hiked up.
Many of website developers today focus more on a mobile-optimized website.
Today mobile download is touching a record high.
So mobile development demand is at a peak and going to increase even more in the future.
But some issues like taking more loading time, basic features not working, app auto exist (the most irritating thing I ever faced with a mobile application ), and many more issues can hamper the image of the application.
Do you agree?
If yes, then in this blog, let’s discuss some of the challenges or things to look for in mobile testing.
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5 Challenges To Look For In Mobile Testing

01 Technology Advancement

You might have observed how fast technology has changed, how fast a new android version is created, and how fast new updates have been provided by the application, so to cope with the advancement in technology, you need to provide updates regularly.
Now going for the manual tester is not the right choice and so, you need to go for mobile automation testing.
But many mobile test automation does not provide advanced test cases like tests for face scanners and many more; as a result, your app does not get well optimized for new o.s.
But with, these problems are solved. How?
So in, all tools are integrated into, so we need to shift from one tool to another; also [provides maximum testing cases in the industry] and we update our framework according to the technology.

02 User Experience

While mobile automation testing, the main and most important thing is user experience; it’s not just how your app looks but how smoothly it shifts from one option to another, how fast the animation is working, and many more.
So the user experience is very important; if your app is not well optimized due to some bugs in the code, or just auto-exists or repeatedly pops the message not responding, or is not able to perform desired features, the user will uninstall your application.
So first, do consider that your application should go through testing simultaneously with the application development, and after any update, a regression test is a must.

03 Screen Size

Nowadays, companies release the same model with different screen sizes, and today a lot more screen sizes with different cuts and designs are available in the market.
So optimizing the application across different screen sizes is one of the tedious and complicated jobs to perform. You need to adjust your application according to different screen sizes. It’s one of the most hectic and complex mobile testing challenges.
So you need to follow proper testing guidelines in order to get the proper result. provides access to thousands of real devices.

04 Mobile Network

You might have observed that many times some applications do not work properly or suffer due to internet connection even though the internet connection is pretty solid, and this can be a deal-breaker for the user and might end up uninstalling the application.
If you don’t optimize your app for the bandwidth of the majority of the users, then issues with the transfer of data from server to end-user will become difficult.
So you must make sure that you optimize your website and software for various network devices.

05 Battery Drain

Battery life is not indispensable, it is going to finish, so you need to optimize your application to make sure that it consumes less battery.
Nowadays, smartphones provide details about which application uses the most battery, so optimizing the application accordingly is very important. If your application is taking more battery than usual, then the user might consider uninstalling it.
With the increased use of mobile phones today, mobile brands have also started providing 5000-7000 mah big batteries so that mobile phones last long. To minimize battery drainage as much as possible.

Choose TestGrid for Mobile Test Automation

Here in this blog, I just mentioned 5 challenges with mobile testing but with the rapid change in technology and more competition, you need to optimize the application to the utmost level to stand out.
And hiring someone for mobile testing is not a great idea, as it takes time and resources.
So clearly, an automation testing software like will be a perfect suit for you.

  • It’s affordable, as testing is not a one-time thing. After every update you need to test your application, your application needs to go through different testing like regression testing, smoke testing to optimise it properly.
  • With TestGrid, you can automate all these process with “zero” programming knowledge as we provide instruction in basic English anyone can understand.
  • We provide a cloud-based infrastructure that secures the data allowing multiple users can also work on application testing.
  • A parallel testing feature is also provided by
  • With TestGrid, you get Industry-leading mobile cloud with on-prem and hosted options
  • Many mobile automation tools suffer lag while testing applications also lag more with complex applications. has the ability to test user experience without any lags.
  • At TestGrid, you get a real-time testing environment with a real-time display of the device screen.
  • Generates XCUITest, Appium, Selenium, and Espresso Code. ## Conclusion

Mobile testing comes with lots of complexity and in the last few years; rapid changes have taken place in Android and iOS as compared to websites. And there are a ton of new changes that are yet to come.
Mobile testing can be way more complex as compared to web testing; so choosing a mobile automation tool is the wise decision.
This blog is originally published at TestGrid

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