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Visual Studio Code Customization - Postfix JS/TS Completion

jalpesh Vadgama
Full Stack Developer, Blogger, Microsoft Mvp, Mentor, Lifelong learner, 14 Years of Experience in JavaScript, web and Microsoft technologies. ASP.NET MVC/Core, C#, Angular,Vue.js, and node.js
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If you are coming from Visual Studio with Resharper background or Jetbrain's IDE. You must have heard term called "Postfix Template".

Postfix templates help you transform expressions that you have already typed without jumping backwards. So basically it will speedup your development by providing lot of templates and you can use that when you write code.

In this video, I have demonstrate you an extension which provides you same exact functionality. It will covert you array into for loop with array.

Below is the link for the same extension

For more details please do watch my video.

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