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C# 9.0 Feature - Top Level Statements

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With .NET 5.0, Microsoft has released new version of C# and It got some cool new features. So I'm creating a video series about those new features and this is video is first of them. In this video, We are going learn about C# 9.0 Top Level Statement feature. With this feature now you don't need to write the boilerplate code like classes and you can directly write your statement and functions.

In this video, I have created an simple console application and explained how we can use the C# 9.0 top level statements. You can even use the functions and few other C# features with top levels statements

But there are certain limitations also there.

  • You can use top level statement in only one file in your visual studio project.
  • You can not combine main method and top level statement together otherwise it will give errors.

For more details please do watch my video.

Here is a complete list of video series:

Part 1: C# 9.0 Feature - Top New Level Statement​

Part 2: C# 9.0 Feature - Omit New Expression

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