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Hey everyone, I am glad to announce that I will be starting this new series of posts on Graphics design. It is basically going to be all the new things I learn in my graphic design journey henceforth.

To anyone who doesn't know me(no one here does lol), I am just a normal guy striving through tech with design(UI/UX/Graphics), Web dev and cybersecurity interests. Other details are beneath the post, check it out if you want to, that is not why you opened the post.

From today forth, I will be sharing my knowledge with you all on whatever thing I learn about graphic design on every Sunday.

I am and may not be perfect at my delivery as I have not really had enough blog posting experience so I will be open to critics and valuable feedback to help me get better.

Now, let's get to today's topic: Logo design.

Logos! Logos! Logos! We all know what we these are as we encounter them almost everyday of our living.

Skipping what the definition is, you may or may not know this one hence we will talk about this;

There are basically three types of logos in the design world:

  1. Wordmark logos
  2. Monogram logos
  3. Pictogram logos

We will take each of them and understand what and how they look like, starting with the first in the list, WORDMARK LOGOS

Wordmark logos are those types of logos that are made from the business or client's name of choice(Mostly business names).
A few examples are CocaCola, FedEx, Youtube, Google,etc

Image description

Monogram logos on the other hand, are those logos made centrally with a company or business's initials.
Examples of such logos are Louis Vuitton, Dream Chasers, Chanel, etc

Image description

Finally, Pictogram Logos, these ones are those that are made of unique images that represent or will represent a company or business.
Examples are, Instagram logo, Whatsapp, Apple, Chrome, Twitter, etc.

Image description

Now, that we know the types of logos that exist, let's look at underlying principles that will help us make any of these.

Here are few tips on how to make good logo designs in any design software of your choice.

  1. Simplicity: Yes, simplicity. Simplicity is the bedrock of many craft design and graphic design, specifically logo design is no exception. You might have heard of the popular phrase, KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid), this phrase is what informs most of my design decisions. Keeping a design simple is not that easy but is attainable. Keeping a design simple would evoke emotions, make the design easily memorable and a whole lot.
    So as a designer, always know that SIMPLE IS BETTER!

  2. Relevancy: The design of a product of that is not relevant to the user or client is not a rare thing in designer's life. Both knowingly and unknowingly, it could be frustrating when realized later as well. As such, always put the client or users of the design front and center of the design. Beauty of the design counts but the relevance exceeds all of it.
    You can use these common voices to select a category to put your client and design for them accordingly: Friendly and Loud, Superior and Proud, Modest and Quiet.

  3. Legibility: The legibility of the text and other elements in any design is vey important and logos are in this same boat. Logos ideally are mostly used in small sizes hence the legibility of the elements are to be considered all times.
    You can use leading, kerning, sizing and font-pairing to enhance legibility of elements in your logos.

  4. Scalability:: Logos aside being used in smaller sizes such as in letters, flyers, and others can be used in large sizes as well such as banners and infographics hence should be made scalable enough to fit all sizes while maintaining quality.
    It is best practice to use the logos on dummy platforms where it could be used before releasing it to the client, that way you have done all your test and confirmed it is good enough to be used on all platforms.

Yessssssss, that's it!!!
The post is ending here, I hope you learn something from this post.

Kindly leave feedback in the comments, I will be glad to check them.

Enjoy the rest of the short weekend๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’€

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