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VueJS Introduction

What is VueJs ?

VueJS is an open-source and progressive JavaScript framework for Front-End Development. It is used for building user-interfaces.

VueJS Combines top level features of ReactJS and Angular.It provides a declarative and component-based programming model that helps you efficiently develop user interfaces, be they simple or complex.

Major Features of VueJS
Virtual DOM :
It uses Virtual DOM similar to other existing frameworks like React.Virtual DOM is a light-weight in-memory tree representation of the original HTML DOM and updated without affecting the original DOM.

Reusable Components :
One can create various components that can be reused which helps us to write less number of less and one can get rid from repetitive codes.

Vue Router :
One can easily navigate between screens using vue-router.

State-management :
As I worked with various technologies and I found VueJS State management tool [ Pinia ] the most easiest one. The tools like Redux , MobX ,Context are very complex to understand and setup at the same time Pinia is very easy to Integrate and understand.

Light Weighted :
VueJS is light-weighted as compared to other libraries and framework.

Top Organisations that are using VueJS :

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