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A Small COVID-19 Initiative

Hi all, hope everyone is holding up fine and staying strong.

I found that it's been a bit challenging in addressing the current climate as we all have been affected to different degrees and facing different challenges during this time.

I have taken a crucial decision to not consume news daily as it was starting to weigh on me. Although, I am staying hopeful as we are seeing collective essential actions from communities to help stop the continued spread of the virus. We all have a huge stake in this and need to show solidarity in working together as one. The societal, economic impacts are starting to take an enormous toll on everyone alike, and that is why we need to all lift each other out of this unprecedented time.

Under the circumstances, I am fortunate in that I am able to continue working but have been welling over how I can do my small part in contributing aside from WFH and social distancing. After seeing forum discussions and social media threads of people asking where to find a list of local businesses, merchants, artisans who have been affected by the current climate to support, I wanted to bootstrap together a simple but hopefully impactful listing directory. It is still a work-in-progress. I have a backlog of businesses from docs and spreadsheets that I will continue to add. Please share if you know anyone who might be in need of this listing, want to contribute a business, or perhaps may need some help with eComm efforts.

Please get in touch!

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