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A Twitter Bot for Passive ❤️s

Paste this into your browser console (or make a plugin with Scriptish) and posts will ❤️ themselves automatically as you scroll

setInterval(() => {
  const heart = document.querySelector(`[data-testid="like"]`);
}, 1408);
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Or paste this into the address bar

javascript:setInterval((heart=document.querySelector(`[data-testid="like"]`)) => {heart &&;}, 1500);
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disclaimer: Automated likes are against Twitter ToS

second disclaimer: don't go to anyone's profile or you'll look like a stalker

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11 Tips That Make You a Better Typescript Programmer

1 Think in {Set}

Type is an everyday concept to programmers, but it’s surprisingly difficult to define it succinctly. I find it helpful to use Set as a conceptual model instead.

#2 Understand declared type and narrowed type

One extremely powerful typescript feature is automatic type narrowing based on control flow. This means a variable has two types associated with it at any specific point of code location: a declaration type and a narrowed type.

#3 Use discriminated union instead of optional fields


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