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re: What Alternative Text Editors Does DEV Use? (Not VS Code 🐱‍👓) VIEW POST

re: I started with notepad (for about an hour), then notepad++, then sublime text 2/3. And I still use it today! I don't see why everyone loves vscode...

There is a strong argument to be made for everyone sharing a platform and benefitting from universal plugins and extensions. VS Code has a ton of great extensions that are extremely easy to install.

I used VS Code with Vim for the better part of a year. There are also some great tools around git and stuff that you can download.

I came from Sublime Text 2, I felt like VS Code was comparable in most ways and better in a lot of ways, so I stuck with that until I started playing around with Spacemacs.

It'd be hard for me to pick many editors over VS Code if I was being purely objective, especially when I'm recommending an editor to others.


This. For me, VS Code hits that sweet spot. For what it is, I find it hard to beat.

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