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Jackson Goodman(he/him)
Jackson Goodman(he/him)

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A VisStudio C# CLI-RPG Code-Along Playlist

Hey y'allπŸ‘‹πŸ˜„
If any junior C# developer's have down time between podcast stuff or the job search, here's a really cool video series walkthrough of a simple C# CLI App called Ender's Quest βš”οΈ.

During the middle part of my .NET back-end code bootcamp, I I practiced on the weekends by following this video for as long as I could/as long as it interested me.
It was an excuse to turn my brain off and code along with a project for as long as I wanted (3 or 4 hours, once or twice a week, on the weekend).

Ender's Quest
Enders Quest is a really cool text-based, turn-based RPG. It's especially interesting if you are a gamer or familiar with games like Dungeons and Dragons, Final Fantasy, etc. It's also a very scalable project- gameplay methods can be as complicated as AD&D or as simple as the logic in NIM.

The scope the playlist below covers a lot of really cool ideas, especially combined with the technology we've already learned, and might be nice review- I think that it's a good way to practice some C# while maybe disassociating with Bootcamp afterglow.

TL;DR: This is a really good Visual Studio C# practice series!

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