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Building a serious(ish) project - intro

I've been a developer for 8+ years now, working in all kinds of industries. Some full stack jobs, mostly front end jobs. I've created ~35 open source libraries over the years. I'm technically self-taught but I've also learnt a lot from some pretty smart people I've had the fortune to work with.

I've finally committed to building a full stack application. I wanted to get some of my thoughts, ideas, and headaches written down as I go through this process. There are a lot of things I've picked up in my career that I just store internally, so hopefully this will force me to start sharing things a bit more!

There will also almost definitely be a lot of things I've never had to deal with before, and things I'll have to learn from scratch. So I also figure it might be good to share these experiences too.

This is probably the first time I've been this excited to make something, and (outside of my actual job) actually want to see it through to the end. Let's see what happens...

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