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JavaScript vs. Java

Java and JavaScript both languages make a prominent appearance in the world of web and app development. Many people think that Java and JavaScript are the same as in terms of programming. But, there is a big difference between them.

Java vs. JavaScript

Java and JavaScript have their own purpose for work in different ways to make a specific programme.


*Java is the best programming language for stand-alone apps development.
*Java is an Object-oriented programming language.
*Java needs Java Virtual Machine to run.
*Java needs more space.

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*JavaScript is a lightweight web-focused programming language.
*JavaScript provides validation and animation on webs.
*JavaScript used for client-side programming development.
*JavaScript is supported by web browsers.
*JavaScript needs a little memory to run it.

Java vs. JavaScript: Major Similarities and Differences

The most important difference between Java and JavaScript is all about functions. Java programming language is used for creating stand-alone apps that are small programs that can be run on desktops, mobiles and webs.

JavaScript is a text language that is used to insert HTML and CSS codes on a website. "Is JavaScript A Must have for Web Development?"

Using Java, After coding, the programmer compiles the code that converts into a programme. Then it should be used on an operating system or server that is using Java Virtual Machine.

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JavaScript is easy to type into an HTML page and upload to the server. There is nothing required to run the code expecting a web browser.

What are the pros and cons of Java Programming language?


*Java works on Write once and runs anywhere.
*Java is easy to debug while using compile tools.
*Java supports most operating systems.

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*JVM is required to run Java programming language
*It must be compiled into bytecode before use it.
*Java is not easy to learn.
*Java is not easy to read by anyone.

Java programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java programming language is a web-based programming solution. In Java, the programmer codes an application and runs it through a compiler and the result comes on a browser with a plugin. Java is a server-side application. It does not mean that it does not run with the browser but can be viewed also through the browser.

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Java supports most of the operating systems and always requires plugins to run with it. Java’s compiling process helps to find bugs before the distribution of the code.

The Java programming language has multiple libraries, frameworks, APIs, plugins. But if you want to run the libraries, APIs, Plugins, it may require Java Virtual Machine. Java programming language code is not easy to read by humans. It makes it more secure and compatible. "Java vs Python"

Java is mostly used for enterprise solution, scientific calculations, android app and credit card processing development.

What are the pros and cons of JavaScript?


*JavaScript easily Integrates with HTML and CSS.
*Less memory required to run.
*JavaScript is easy to read and customize any programmer.
*JavaScript is very easy to learn.

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*JavaScript only works on a web browser.
*Different browsers have different environments for customizing the code.
*JavaScript is very hard to debug.

JavaScript is an easy text language for developers. JavaScript is a client-side application that doesn’t require you to grab the code from any remote server.

Node.js is opened up for a server-side application. JavaScript Programmers provide code’s snippets, libraries, classes and frameworks to compile applications quickly. "API Testing"

The best thing about JavaScript is that any developer can read the code to find the functions and purpose of the code. JavaScript doesn't have desktop capabilities. It only runs in a web browser.

JavaScript is hard to debug the issues before testing. You can only find issues during the testing process in a browser.

"Why JavaScript is Compulsory for Modern Web Development?"

Software engineers and developers always prefer to work with JavaScript for its flexibility. JavaScript is mainly used in frontend apps development such as AngularJS, Jquery and BackboneJS.

JavaScript can be also used for server-side app development such as using Node.js. Node.js runtime environment allows it to work outside of a web browser. Biggest companies that are using Node.js for their web apps are Netflix, PayPal, Microsoft, Uber, LinkedIn, eBay, and Walmart.

Which Programming Language Is the Best for Your Application?

Finding the best options depends on the factors as per your own preference. It totally depends on what type of application you are going to run. If your app is focused on mobile users or enterprise solutions or big data development or Scientific calculations, then Java will be best. (Java Development Company)

If you are going for dynamic interaction for website development to find instant search results using jQuery, then JavaScript will be the best option.

When you should consider Java?

*Android App Development
*Enterprise Software Development
*Scientific Computing
*Big Data Analytics
*Programming of Hardware
*Server-Side Technologies like Apache, JBoss, Geronimo, GlassFish, etc.

"The process of web application development"

When you should consider JavaScript?

*Dynamic single page applications development
*Front-End technologies like jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, ReactJS etc.
*Server-Side technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, etc.
*Mobile App Development through PhoneGap, React Native, etc.

Both programming languages share their own best factors, which means they overlap in some features, but it should be clear, which will be helpful for your specific required project.

If you are going to consider server-side applications, then using Node.js vs. Java is your personal decision. If you are learning both Java and JavaScript is a plus for any programmer to expand their career. "What does DevOps actually do?"

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moth • Edited on

What's the point of this article, comparing the two just because their names are similar?

JavaScript needs a runtime engine, which includes but is not limited to web browsers. IMO there's no real difference between Java and JS in that regard, they can run anywhere their runtime can. (Which you totally cover later in the post, nice!)

Java is the best programming language for stand-alone apps development is pure opinion.

JavaScript is easy to read and customize any programmer. I'd argue that the low barrier of entry to JS actually makes this false. A lot of JS can be horrific to read, especially if it ages. Java is honestly much more standard in this regard, a Java dev can look at 10 year old Java code and still find their way around. Ask a young programmer who lives in the React/Vue world to debug some old school jQuery, and they'd feel like they're on a different planet.

JavaScript is very hard to debug it CAN be, but there's a myriad of tools that makes this easy. It is just as hard to debug Java without the appropriate tooling.

Java is an Object-oriented programming language. so is JS in some regards. Would love to see you expand on this, ie what is the difference between OO in Java and JS? (classical vs prototypical inheritance for one.) For what it's worth, it'd be nice to highlight that JS is also a multi-paradigm language which supports functional programming out of the box as well.

Not trying to be harsh, I appreciate this but felt the need to respond. Have a great day!