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Top YouTube channels to follow for 2022, to be a better software engineer, not just a coder.

I'm writing this blog post because i saw that a lot of developers is focusing on learning different technologies/stacks/frameworks, following the latest trends like web3, serverless, microservices, docker, and trying to learn latest cool js framework, while they are ignoring the most important aspects like clean code, making a clean architecture, how to test their codes, and more.

For example, those who think that learning the latest framework, searching and arging with everyone which web framework is better, and those who think that frameworks will solve all of there problems, i advice them to search for what experts like Uncle Bob Martin said about this frameworks and coupling our code to them,

We make the mistake that so many programmers have made before us. We bind ourselves to the framework.

Make sure to check this amazing blog post Framework Bound by Uncle Bob, if you wan to know more.

there frameworks authors write their frameworks to solve their problems not yours, and they do everything to convince you to use this frameworks, and let you imagine that what they made will solve all your problems, while it is not.

In my opinion those frameworks is like a products, and their authors like a seller who only tell you about the advantages and the good things that his product can do, in order to convince you to buy what he is selling, they don't tell you about the disadvantages, and when you should not use this frameworks, because if they do, you will not use it in a lot of cases.

So in order to know more about how to write a clean code, and focusing more on architecture and how to test your code. instead of trying to learn this new programming language or that latest framework, i strongly recommend that you should take a look and watch some videos from these channels:

Continuous Delivery: by Dave Farely, you can get the main focus of this channel from the title, but there is also a lot of useful videos about software architecture, and team management with a tons of golden information, in addition Dave Farely do regular videos to give advices to junior software developer, he also do a weekly videos with one of the most experienced and smart people in the field of software engineering, i learned a lot from this man he really changed the way i think about software engineering, and i think that it is going to be the same for you so try to take a look.

GOTO conferences: for me this is one of the most important channel in this list where you will find a bunch of experts and most impactful people in our field, discussing the best practices, and the new techniques in the era of software engineering, they also present their newly published books and talk about it, i'm hundred percent sure that this channel is gonna be useful for you.

Silicon Valley Code Camp: started in 2005, where developers learn from each others about software/enterprise architecture, project management, software branding and more.

CraftHub Events: is an organization with the goal to make knowledge available and help communities, they have a youtube channel similar to the two mentioned channels you will find the most impactful people in our field talking about best practices and more, make sure to take a look to the content of this channel.

George Fairbanks: an amazing youtube channel by an amazing man, who's gonna teach you about agility , software architecture, and more, i really advice you to follow this channel and watch every single video because you will learn and get a lot of benefits from it.

Devoxx: what i want to write about this channel is similar to what i wrote about GOTO conferences, or Silicon Valley Code Camp, so make sure to start watching videos of this channel, and learn from these world class experts there.

NDC Conferences: is one of the one of Europe’s largest conferences, in their YouTube channel you will find videos about .NET , agile and a lot more interesting topics in the field of software engineering, the speakers on these videos are recognized as experts on their field, so make sure to take a look to their channel.

LeadDev: is a community, they design their talk to help in common problems with practical way, in the following themes Team, Tech & Tools managing technical teams, technical leadership, in this channel you will find content for anything that will help you to becoming a manager.

Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon) e.V.
: in their channel you will find a set of videos where they talk about open source development, and some other free and open source tools.

DevTernity Conference: in their channel you will videos from experts architect, and engineering leaders in the the field of software engineers , they organize an event each, they even have a account, but i can not pay for a ticket to join their events, so im only watching the free available content on their YouTube channel.

Some of the videos in this channels is little bit long, can get to 2 hours long, but it is worth it, this resources will change the way you think about software, languages, frameworks..., it will also make you a better software engineer.

Also comments and suggestions are most welcome. Lets make this list longer and longer.

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