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AI and the future of humanity (as seen from the eyes of developers)

This is my first post. It's on my mind and probably on other people's minds. I will be thankful if people share their opinion on the matter by commenting.

What is an AI?

Computing is an art and the AI is its most complicated masterpiece created by groups of intelligent people. Basic automata have existed long time ago in Japan, bringing tea to the masters in the afternoon. Gear mechanisms in ancient times were used to automate. Literally to put "self" in a thing. The "self" of whom?

The information crisis (TMI)

Back then when I was a teenager, a friend of mine told me about the coming information crisis - that information is going to be generated quicker than a mind's throughput.

In the birth of the information age, people fought for freedom of information. But this paved a way for people to saturate the information space. Due to too much information, people have to spend much time on research when doing their jobs. Further, as mentioned before, people would not be able to cope with everything happening all at once.

Having an AI assistant gives people a way to sort and filter data for further use. However, the AI is also being used to generate more clutter (noise, fake).

A Better Life, Sustainability

I have observed my working process and have seen how I refactor code to abstract away repetitiveness. I was thinking that this is how coding works, but then I started seeing it - designers also work like that. Why are there so many templates, themes and design solutions? Why are people creating frameworks? It costs a lot to rework the same thing and it's pointless, unless there is a very strict agreement that the code is proprietary and it cannot be EVER used outside of the scope. Developers can reuse code. Designers can reuse design. Business can reuse value.

Value is what is making us important and increases our survivability. To reduce repetitiveness and boredom and create value is what we are about. Code is no longer manual labor that only an elite of people can do. Code is something "down there" that realigns and refactors itself fully automated based on the requirements. Smart things, smart cities, smart people.


The fact that an AI can overtake more and more job responsibilities from the third economic tier leads to more people looking for jobs especially in web development. Unemployment rates will be higher because there aren't new job roles opened to compensate.


Is AI good or bad and how do you think we can overcome obstacles for our future as developers?

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