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Java Testing tools for 2024 - part 2


Testcontainers is a library designed to help with integration testing by leveraging Docker containers. Docker containers provide lightweight, isolated environments that can be easily spun up and torn down, making them ideal for testing purposes. Testcontainers simplifies the process of managing docker containers within your tests, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your testing workflow.

In this example, Testcontainers automatically starts PostgreSQL and Redis containers before running the tests.

public class UserServiceIntegrationTest {

    private static final PostgreSQLContainer<?> postgresContainer = new PostgreSQLContainer<>("postgres:latest");

    private static final GenericContainer<?> redisContainer = new GenericContainer<>("redis:latest");

    private UserService userService;

    public void testUserCreation() {
        // Given
        User user = new User("John Doe", "");

        // When

        // Then
        User retrievedUser = userService.getUserByEmail("");
        assertEquals("John Doe", retrievedUser.getName());

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Java library that allows developers to define and enforce architectural constraints within their codebase by writing unit tests. Lets see example:

We define an ArchUnit test to enforce a layered architecture. We specify three layers – Controller, Service, and Repository – and define rules governing their dependencies.

public class ArchitectureTest {

    private final JavaClasses classes = new ClassFileImporter().importPackages("com.example");

    public void testLayeredArchitecture() {
        ArchRule layerDependencies = layeredArchitecture()


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Library designed to simplify the generation of realistic test data for use in software testing, prototyping, and development environments.


  • Realistic Data Generation
  • Customization Options
  • Easy Integration


import com.github.javafaker.Faker;

public class UserGenerator {

    private final Faker faker;

    public UserGenerator() {
        this.faker = new Faker();

    public User generateUser() {
        String firstName =;
        String lastName =;
        String email = faker.internet().emailAddress();
        String phoneNumber = faker.phoneNumber().cellPhone();
        String address = faker.address().fullAddress();

        return new User(firstName, lastName, email, phoneNumber, address);

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Other mentions: Playwright - java framework for UI testing

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vivienne-m profile image
Vivienne Medrano

Great overview of Java testing tools for 2024! ArchUnit seems like a powerful tool for enforcing architectural constraints through unit tests, and the example showcasing layered architecture is really informative. Thanks for sharing these valuable resources!