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Day 155: I'm back...

Long time no see!
It's been a while since my last time here. to be precise it's been 141 days (quite a long time) and during this time I had been on another learning adventure but home (here) is the best, and here I am, back to the beginning again.

I stopped (or paused) blogging for a while because I thought I was busy that I would not find time to write but I recently realized that I have forgotten the main reason that I started the blogging challenge in the first place. When I started the main point was to challenge myself to write something about anything every day no matter how unmotivated or busy I thought I was. Just something too simple to avoid doing. And these small short articles I used them to document my learning journey, and stay focused and organized and that's where came motivation for writing tutorials and learned a lot in the process.

when I started I struggled with consistency but after realizing the benefits that come with it I was addicted to it and now I'm Back again, same place, same purpose: Writing daily to improve my coding, writing, and communication skills in general.

During this hibernation time, I had been doing mostly the fronted stuff and deep diving into JavaScript language itself, I got introduced to Next JS and did a lot of Tailwind CSS, and CSS animation. I have a lot to share with the community now and I plan to hustle to write a lot more this year.

See you around!

Signing off

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