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Day 160: Fighting with Swiper JS

Today was all about fighting with Swiper JS. Swiper JS is a package used to create sliders for mobile and the web and today I was using it to implement a design but I had a hard time getting it to work and customizing it the way I wanted

Initially getting it working was quite straight forward but after it was working I tried to customize it to match the design I was working with but the styles were not working no matter what I tried to do. After long research, I found something that worked which still feels like a hack even though it is the recommended way from their docs. I was so irritated with this to the extent I started to work on an extended blog this that I will share soon

It was a good experience though I learned a lot about Swiper itself and also about fighting with CSS therefore I declare today as a success. Hopefully, the following week will be too

Signing off...

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Ibrahim Bagalwa

Good one