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Day 146: Hello Jenkins!

So today I got started learning about Jenkins as a CI/CD pipeline system it usage was completely new and I think it have a rough learning curve especially for someone not familiar with the Devops field but Today I was about to get the overview and have done the local basic installation on my machine I was thinking to shift to Circle CI for the current project in case I struggle with Jenkins but since the point of the project I'm working on is to learn new tool and technologies I would say it is still too early to decide but that also may be a possibility and something to look it in the near future.
Tomorrow I'm not sure what I will be doing but I think I will continue researching about Jenkins I may also look into Circle CI for getting the comparison but I think Circle CI may be more like Github actions so It will not be so hard to configure
I may also use the weekend to publish a new article maybe about setting up sequelize and postgres in a Typescript to help someone who may be struggling the way I did for the past week

See you there

signing off...

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