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Day 131: Hello Express!

Today I got back to the personal project I'm currently working on and I was working on the task of setting up code quality assurance with Eslint, Prettier, Lint-staged and Husky and this is a task I had worked on before actually I even have a guide article for setting these Technologies but I struggled because there had been changes made in the packages from the last time I tried them. but I finally got it done and now I'm now working on Setting up Express project and now It's my chance to learn and understand Express at least better than I do now
I have already found some of the best practices to follow and some of the things I didn't truly understand before so I will be digging deeper tomorrow

Tomorrow I don't have plans I will just go with the flow (it's Friday anyway) but I also have a major application to do but there is a possibility that I may not do it

Signing off...

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