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Day 125: The brand new project

So today I decided to start a new project. yeah even if others are not completed yet I needed that feeling you get when you start working on something new since it will get away I have to take advantage of it and learn as much as I can. So the project is just a simple todo app (the classic project for beginners) but it's a new one for me I never did a todo app before and since the purpose is to learn much I decided to use tech I haven't used before so I shifted from Trello to Jira, Jest to Jasmine, Github actions to Jenkins and others... I wanted to shift from GitHub to Gitlab but I think it's not really worth the hustle
I will be trying to make time for working on this one I hope it will be fun.

there is no much planned for the weekend apart from a paper I will be helping someone working on and maybe a bit of learning and traveling. I will see how it goes

Signing off...

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