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Day 113: Hello Flutter!

As promised today I got started with Flutter, the setup of Flutter development environment. I think it's not very straight forward as there is a lot to download including the flutter sdk itself android studio ide, visual studio (which is different from visual studio code) dart sdk they all take about 5 Gbs before you cna actually write any line of code in your local environment and I haven't written a line of code in my environment yet as I focused more on reading docs finding videos around and setting up my own development but I expect to do some tomorrow preparing for a Flutter demo coming up Tuesday. I looked up a little bit of Figma and Material Design, helped friends with their task watched a movie episode so I can say that overall I did something about everything I planned to do yesterday

Tomorrow I will plan for the week I will be doing lot of flutter, figma, express, react and Firebase if I spare time I will write like a tutorial article but it's more likely that I will be caught up in a but I will see what I can do

Signing off ...

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