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Special Directories in Linux Root Directory

If we go to the root directory or the top level directory in our unix-like machine, we will be faced by some directories, lets take an intro about each one

nuclearegg69@zenbook-f13:~$ cd /
nuclearegg69@zenbook-f13:/$ ls
bin   etc   lib    libx32      mnt   root  snap  tmp
boot  home  lib32  lost+found  opt   run   srv   usr
dev   init  lib64  media       proc  sbin  sys   var
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bin is a folder that contains binaries. Binaries are executable programs written in binary (hence binary). They are located under the top level dir directly because they contain common commands that all users use like ls, rm, and so on.

etc is a folder that contain configuration files. Configuration files for nano text editor and chrontab are there.

root is the home directory for the root special user. the root user has super priviliges over the normal user found under the /home directory.

home is the parent directory for all users of the system

media or mnt is where external media devices like flash drives, dvds, external hard drives directories appear (depending on the linux distro)

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