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VSCode Shortcuts

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Mastering VSCode Shortcuts can save you huge amounts of time when you are developing and it can mean the difference between meeting a deadline or not. For Visual Studio Code, these are the essential shortcuts that everyone should know.

  1. Autocomplete
    Tab : When beginning to type you can hit Tab to intelligently complete the displayed code.

  2. Open Command Palette
    Shift + ⌘ Cmd + P : The command palette will quickly become your best friend as you learn various shortcuts. If you ever forget a shortcut, simply open the command palette, and search for what you’re trying to do.

  3. Find a File
    ⌘ Cmd + P : Quickly search for a specific file in the current workspace. This one works really well in conjunction when opening and using the split editor. Hitting Cmd + P then while continuing to hold Cmd, keeping hitting P to switch between recent files.

  4. Toggle Sidebar
    ⌘ Cmd + B : Straightford, quickly show and hide the sidebar.

  5. Toggle Panel
    ⌘ Cmd + J : Quick show and hide the bottom panel, this includes the Terminal, Output, Problems, and Debug Console.

  6. Toggle Integrated Console
    Ctrl + ` : Quick show and hide the integrated terminal panel.

  7. Highlight Next Instance
    ⌘ Cmd + D : Select next occurrence of current word.

  8. Highlight All Instances
    fn + ⌘ Cmd + F2 : Select all occurrences of current word.

  9. Highlight All Occurrences of Selection
    ⌘ Cmd + ^ Shift + L : Select all occurrences of current selected word.

  10. Select A Line
    ⌘ Cmd + L : Selects an entire line of code.

  11. Comment/Uncomment A line of code
    ⌘ Cmd + / : Comments or Uncomments a line of code. This has intelligent language detection and will comment <!-- --> in html etc.

  12. Move By Word
    option + Left or Right Arrow Key : Moves work by word using left or right arrows while holding option key.

  13. Transporter
    ⌘ Cmd + Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow Key]: Transport around files faster by holding ⌘ Cmd and using the arrow keys to move to Top/Bottom/Left/Right extreme of the current code.

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