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VSCode: LiveServer for PHP

A lot of developers have probably heard of the Live Server extension which is available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

It primarily functions with static webpages like HTML but can also handle dynamic webpages such as PHP, NodeJs, and ASP.NET in a clever manner.

In the example below, I'll guide you through the installation of Live Server to work seamlessly with both types of webpages (static & dynamic).

  1. Install PHP Server and Live Server from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.
  2. Create a PHP file, for instance, index.php, and place it in a sub-directory (let's say 'demo') under /var/www/html/, like /var/www/html/demo/
  3. Install the Live Server Chrome extension in your Chrome browser and customize it as follows: Extension Screenshot
  4. Click on the 'Go Live' button in the bottom right hand corner of the Visual Studio Code. VSCode Window Screenshot
  5. Next, open the index.php file located under /var/www/html/demo/ in Visual Studio Code. Right-click and select 'PHP Server: Reload Server', then 'PHP Server: Open file in browser'. VSCode Context Menu Screenshot
  6. In your browser, simply open the IP address http://localhost:3000/demo/index.php

You should not be able to use LiveServer for both static and dynamic websites :)

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