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AWS is Everywhere 🤩

Fair warning: Long Post
TLDR: AWS is everywhere 🤩

This has happened to me on multiple occasions. I tend to find out that AWS supports every business that has had a huge impact in my life!

To paint you a picture, anytime I would interact with a web service, I’d ask myself “What are the odds that AWS is involved in the infrastructure of this service?”. I ask myself this question everyday ever since I got certified.

I always knew, with a great degree of confidence, that it was likely 99% of the time. Although, every time I guess right I'm always in for a surprise.

It wasn’t until recently that my love for the cloud was reinvigorated! My daily routine consists of going to a dance studio to train in all styles of dance. The studio had their 4th year anniversary. To celebrate, they gave out free demo classes, gift bags, snacks, merch and etc.

They also had a section in the studio where you could take group pictures. I thought it would good for me to interact with other and get my picture taken with them. The experience involved us taking pictures in a Photo Booth like environment, but without being constrained in a small box. Everyone was having the time of their lives. They would wear funky gear to make the picture taking experience that more enjoyable. I also wore the gear. Everyone was happy. From my perspective, It was an alright experience. The funny part was that I was happy, but for different reasons besides the picture. My enjoyment came from understanding the camera!

Once we took our pictures, the photographer provided us with a QR code to scan a digital copy of the pictures. The camera was integrated with the screen. I scanned the QR code from the screen to get a copy. As I saw the weblink load on my screen, I realized that I received deeper insight than I initially realized. I checked to see what DNS the QR code led me to. To my surprise I found out that the picture we took was stored in an AWS S3 bucket! Everyone was accessing the photographers pictures from the companies S3 bucket.

To add icing on the cake, I wanted to know if the S3 bucket still stored my picture. So I requested access to the weblink once more. It wasn’t there! The company set a life cycle configuration. The bucket was required to delete the object based file after a set amount of time! To give context, I accessed the link a day after I requested it for the first time.

This is only one of the many experiences I’ve had in my life where I got to see how others are using AWS to handle their business needs. The kind of experience where I felt like all of the knowledge I've acquired throughout my life wasn't for nothing. That every action I took in my past to get me to this point in my life has allowed my to have a different perspective. The kind of perspective that has been able to challenge my beliefs for the better. It's always exciting to see what the future has in stored for me but for other! How else will AWS get involved?

I’m well aware that others are using amazon web services. Even as I’m writing this, I'm 100% confident that someone other than me is having a similar euphoric experience. I’m just eternally grateful to have the capacity to not only see the bigger picture, but to have the knowledge and wisdom to understand what's happening around me. My eyes truly opened up when I dived deeper into the cloud.

What other cloud related experiences will I find along the way?!?!

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