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Embarking on a YouTube Challenge: Python, Django, Cyber Security

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. I'm Muhammad Ahmed, and I'm embarking on a new YouTube teaching journey after quite a long break. My cousin has thrown down a challenge for me to gain 1000 subscribers and reach 5000 accounts within the next 30 days. The prize? A pizza feast at the fanciest restaurant in town for the winner.

Despite some skepticism from others about the difficulty, I'm thrilled about this journey. After all, I'm a programmer—I love a good challenge.

I've decided to focus on Python, Django, and Cyber Security because these are the areas I'm most passionate about. So, wish me luck! Today marks day 1, and I'll be sharing insights and content related to my expertise. Stay tuned, and I'm open to collaborations.

I also have a few SAAS project ideas in mind. If anyone's interested, feel free to reach out. Your well wishes, kind words, or any advice you have for me are greatly appreciated!

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How is the status of the challenge? Any news?

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Muhammad Ahmed

Not getting expected traffic but I'll do my best till the end. Stay Tuned.

I'll post a detailed report today. (About what I'm working on, through which sources I'm attempting to get traffic, etc..)

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Abdul Rafey

I hope you get successful. You should add a link of YT channel to your profile.