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Deepanshu Udhwani
Deepanshu Udhwani

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How to gain funding from VC's , Angel Investors?

Current trends suggest that...

The startup culture in India today is moving towards how competent you are at cloning certain technologies, rather than your calibre for innovating new ones. Is this because Angel and VCs invest only in propositions that provide a 100% verified model of generating revenue with established results in the same market? Or are Indian entrepreneurs getting sceptical of trying something new?

Dear connections. What advice would you give to an individual who aspires to have a workaround in this scenario?

Talking about the mindset-

Is it good to be a Jin-Yang or is it good to be a Richard?
Is it good to be a Zukerberg or is it good to be a Winklevoss?

What are your thoughts?

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In America is it all about who you know. Finding a legit, above board individual is neigh impossible if you don't have the the right pedigree. This is something I have seen get worse as time moves forward. We see less and less innovation from historically incredible entities. Your idea and what you do could be the best in the world. If you don't know how to get it out the door, it may as well not exist in the first place.