Cover image for $2K-$10K per month Open Source Internships

$2K-$10K per month Open Source Internships

itsdeepanshu profile image Deepanshu Udhwani ・1 min read

This list in repo will definitely help you in the near future so star this for your reference !!

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A curated list of all the open source internships/Programs


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What does that lady have to do with this list?


Exactly. Sexist click bait -- even worse.

Picture of a woman is hurting your interest??? ..This list is to help others in the open-source community and you should be at least try to promote it rather than criticising it.

I am not criticizing the list. I am criticizing the cover image for being sexist. We live in 2020, wake up guys! Couldn't you at least have picked a generic image without trying to cash in on sexism?

Got your point and.I'll refrain from using these in future posts.Btw thanks for your suggestion and opinion! 😊

Thank you for your consideration, I appreciate it.

Why is it sexist? It's a girl in front of a computer. She's not topless or dressed erotically. Anything you interpret from that picture is more in your head than anything else. What picture would you prefer?

You do realize that sexism is not merely about erotic connotations but about reducing people to their sex?

The cover is sexist because the woman depicted is used to attract clicks of male developers. She is entirely reduced to her looks in order to profit from clickbait, thus she is objectified.

The picture has NOTHING to do with the contents of the post. The question regarding what picture I would prefer, though irrelevant, is easy to answer: Pick a generic photo of source code, software boxes, or the like. Anything but this.

Thought police at it again.

I didn't think she was reduced to her sex. She looks very much like a woman that may be interested in open source software internships. As a woman I don't feel it's sexist, unless you feel it should be a man.

Nope, I don't enforce. I merely express my opinion. Just like you did right there.

It is entirely up to the original author whether to keep posting such cover images or not. And he seems reasonable about it and is considering my points. And I'm grateful for it. 👍

You can barely see the laptop. If she looked like she was coding something, I could maybe buy it. The Lady Justice staue in the background suggests that this is some generic picture of someone in a law office. Nothing about this says "developer". I wouldn't say I was "offended" by the photo, but it did seem unnecessarily click-bait-y. The author has acknowledged this (good for him), but I wanted to defend the issue. If it doesn't bother you, fine. But the point of polite discourse isn't to figure out what you can justify getting away with because a few people don't mind.

Hi, Thanks for your opinion and words ...First of all, I would like to clear to you that I didn't want to use any clickbait-y image as it's for the benefit of whole open source community.

Now how did I got that image?

  1. Go to unsplash.com (A royalty-free image sharing site)
  2. Search with the keyword (jobs) 3 Scroll down to the third line.

Sir, As you can see that I have used #jobs in my post so I thought why not post with an image.


Thanks for the clarification. I'm sorry if my wording came across as very harsh. I think we have made things clear now and I'd like to thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Yeah, I can definitely see how it could happen. It's not like she was in a bikini or something. But the emphasis seem on the beautiful woman rather than coding. But I could see how it would an innocent mistake.


@duellacodes : "She looks very much like a woman that may be interested in open source software internships." This made me laugh in fact. Now I wonder if I look like a woman who might be interested in internships.
I can totally see the point of Sebastian @alfki that the picture can be changed.
Stop using such things to draw attention to the post!


Mam, it would be nice if you could please read my clarification above 😃


Sir, if you let me, I can't change my opinion just based that this picture was on the website with all random pics. Again, any other generic picture would be more appropriate since his one hardly shows any interest in the internships. But again, it's just my opinion and thank you for the post! I am sure many will find it very helpful.

I respect your opinions and will surely keep this in my mind in my future posts, Thanks for your word of advice!😄


Is this only for US universities students?


No it's for everyone worldwide, *unless mentioned


This is awesome, Deepanshu. I just opened up a PR to add the Ruby Me mentorship program.


Amazing! I've merged your PR to the master . Thanks for the help 😄!