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No, but.

No, you shouldn't volunteer that, especially if you're in a jurisdiction where it's an illegal question to ask (not just an illegal answer to take action on, like if you have children, but straight-up illegal to ask). You should be discussing the value of your skills being brought to the job and the value of the job to the company, not what other companies have valued that at.

I do, however, see where it makes sense to discuss it in relation to other things. I make more right now than I would reasonably value my skills and work. But I also have city bills to pay.

So if I'm looking at a new position, I could see mentioning my current salary to be like "I understand you may not be able to beat that, so perhaps we can discuss remote work options to offset that" (or PTO or something else to make the full package look more worthwhile than just a dollar sign). I likewise see it useful to tell external recruiters what I make now so they know to not even try telling me about $50k jobs when my rent is over $2k a month.

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