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I lost out on kayla.dev when it was still $350 fee during EAP, but I got my lastname.dev so my resume/LinkedIn can point to kayla@lastname.dev as my very sexy email address. I'll probably move my online resume over to it and force it to redirect traffic to kayla.lastname.dev to see it since lastname.dev is boring.

I also today bought itsasine.dev though I only set it up to forward all email to itsasine.me for now. I'll move things over to it as a weekend project someday. Since someone has itsasine.com, I didn't want to take chances on the .dev :)


that is brilliant! I should have did that for mine! dechamp or me@dechamp.com is a little lame. :/


Had I gotten kayla.dev, that's likely what I would have done :) I may still do me@itsasine.dev since I can't come up with anything clever for my screenname.

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