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re: Haha! That's awesome. Iroh is probs my favorite character, but how do you pick just one in Avatar?! And my wife is a vet, so she's now part of the...

I felt bad at the end of June because Iroh went to the vet hospital and met that tech again. Ended up he only really needed fluids and was diagnosed with a stomach bug, not his old usual of surgeries and a week-long fever. So that was nice, just sucked we couldn't visit him to keep his spirits up while he was admitted.

We pull up to the hospital during his pickup time, and it was the vet tech that knew Avatar bringing him out. She was like "I was so hyped that there was another black cat named Iroh on the list for today and then it ended up being this poor little guy again." At least this was the first time since 2018, but he's got a ton of charisma so they all remember him still. They always say "We love you but we hope to never see you again"

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