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What are your programming blogs?

Hi. I need programming blogs to read. So, what are your programming blogs? You can also suggest blogs that are not yours.

Programming languages and technologies don't matter.

This is my blog sometimes I write in English.

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Tata Ganesh • Edited

From the top of my head -
( Will keep adding as and when I remember more blogs )

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Itachi Uchiha

Yes, I know Hacker Noon. One of the bests blogs. I also recommend

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Meghan (she/her)

No one's gonna say Ok, has lots of great content. If I could share with you my readinglist I would, I use it as bookmarks. Also Twitter is great for tech news and research :D

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ItsASine (Kayla)

I've actually been keeping track of my Reading List in a git snippet to kinda open source it. Moreso so my reading list remains just stuff to read rather than a mix of stuff to read and stuff to reference later.

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Ryan Palo

I write at Assert Not Magic.

Screenshot of my home page

I also generally cross-post everything on :)

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flavio ⚡️🔥 • Edited

This is my blog.

I try to post a coding tutorial or short guide ever day (been doing this since January). Can't break the strike now 😁

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Ethan • Edited

^ @flaviocopes 's blog is amazing, the content is well-written and amazingly consistent 😯

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Sean Francis N. Ballais

I'd like to suggest Joel on Software and Hacker News. I would suggest Hacker Noon but Tata Ganesh got to it first.

I'd also plug my own website. I haven't been updating it since I got busy with academic work. I hope I can find time to write new posts.

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Itachi Uchiha

Thanks. I know Joel's website. If I start today to read his blog, I think my reading process will end in 2030. There are 1114 posts on his website. It could be a good resource for everyone.

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Sean Francis N. Ballais

It is quite a lot! I tend to just read his top posts.

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Mohan Ram

Go with medium. You can follow some good publications like, Netanal basal, Angularindepth.

I would recommend it since its useful for you to narrow down what topics you like will roam around your home page of medium

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Ted Hagos
madhadron profile image
Fred Ross

If you don't mind the programming content being mixed in with a lot of other very random things ranging from how sciences work to a screed about bioinformatics, I can point you to mine:

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Levi Albuquerque

I usually write here at in English and at my Medium in Portuguese (and once a month in English) :)

As for the ones I usually read I love the posts here at, it's a great community.

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Rob Hoelz

I write (sparingly) at - mostly tips about command line tools like git, tmux, and vim. I also have a series on diving into a memory leak I found in the Perl 6 VM, how Perl 5 works under the hood, and an ongoing (but lapsed) series on learning new programming languages.

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Sergio Daniel Xalambrí

This is my blog: Lot of Spanish content and a few English articles.

I also recommend you,, and (the last two if you are into JS).

From my blog I also recommend you to read How to keep updated with the JavaScript ecosystem? which has a long list of blogs, tags and publications to follow in Medium.

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My blog is Code The Web! 🔥

I post web development tutorials for beginners that are jargon-free. I try to post at least once a week!

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Nikita Sobolev

I am at just a very beginning of building my own blog:

I write on good software, mediocre software, and bad software. Also rants about management and development processes.
I also cross-post my articles to

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Shaun Bebbington


I have some old blogs that I may someday update as follows:


For a short while, I had the ultimate programming blog in the pages of Micro Mart magazine when I wrote some programming tutorials, but alas MM is no longer published.



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Peter Mbanugo

Here's my blog But I've been posting here on DEV for a while without reposting on my blog. So best to follow me here atm.

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