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Reality engagement

Issa Jean Marie
Frontend Web Developer
・2 min read

Learning and building something are totally different stories.

You can read book of 10,000 pages, but if you implement nothing, then you did nothing

It’s been a month and 16 days since I started Task Force Bootcamp.
I learned a lot, both technical and soft skills. But never have I learned how to implement those skills in real life until this week.

Understanding what client needs, building prototype and demonstrating the prototype to the client. That’s what the real business is, isn’t it? Maybe not, I am not a business man, but I hope they are sort of.

This week I and other interns engaged in real life project (wordpress project).

We had to understand what the client needs, develop the prototype and demonstrate it to him.

Do you know what the hardest part was? The demonstration, you are right!

I had to sit properly and not move, which I don’t like, I had to speak proper language and to convince the client. The client has to accept or reject your prototype, it’s his/her choice.

But here are few things I learned from this complicated experience,

  1. Don’t blame yourself, you have done so much, don’t blame yourself if the client doesn’t accept your prototype.

  2. Don’t build what client asked, add some related additional features he/she didn’t ask.

  3. Accept the challenge, if he/she asks to change then change he/she is the king!

We all learn from mistakes, and you can’t learn how to walk without falling down.

My tip is, if you are learning something new, try to implement it.

Maybe you can make one of your team members a client and build a product for him/her and demonstrate to him/her. That will slowly make you experience how to handle the real-life clients.

Client is the king, remember.

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