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How to use LinkedIn for Recruitment Effectively | iSmartRecruit

LinkedIn is nowadays considered as a professional social media. The professional word differs from LinkedIn from other social media platforms. As the Human Resource Industry is booming with new technology, recruiters find it far better to choose the best candidate from social media. LinkedIn is on the top because it is a hub for recruiters finding new candidates and a great market for the candidates also to put their skills in front of the world and get the best job.

Let’s see how LinkedIn can help you in making your recruitment effective.


By using LinkedIn as a recruitment platform, you can create your company brand. Usually, job seekers used to check the recruiters’ profiles if they have any roles right fit for them. And Visa Versa, recruiters used to check candidates’ profiles if they can utilize any candidate from their connections.

Job Posting

Earlier, Job postings referred to as a job ad on the job boards. But this is 2k19 and people turned to use the social media platforms as mini job portals. LinkedIn is the best place to post your job ads on. So you can get more relevant - more professional candidates.

Easy Apply

The best feature of LinkedIn is Easy Apply. This easy apply helps recruiters to save their cost of hiring and the overall time to hire. This also reduces the iteration rates and email trails. So your candidates can quickly apply with their own LinkedIn profile and that’s it!

Open Jar for Recruiters

As LinkedIn is a social media, it can work as a mirror of a candidate’s mind. You can check the candidates' activities, their educational background, and their experience. You can also have a brief about the candidate’s mentality from the content he is putting on the wall. And It also saves the cost of background check services

So these were some of the best ways to make recruitment done by using LinkedIn. You can even use recruitment software that offers the chrome extensions that can fetch the profiles from LinkedIn directly.

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