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Duplicating a github repo with history

It's so easy to duplicate a github repository including every commits and branches.

1) Create a new repo in github using UI/command as usual. This will be the target repo where duplicate of source repo to be pasted.

2) Open a command prompt and Clone the source/existing repo using the command:

git clone --bare https://sourceRepoURL

A new folder will be created containing some files from source repo.

3) Move to that folder:
cd sourceRepoFolder

4) Push these files into the target repo using command:
git push --mirror https://targetRepoURL

That's it. Thank you.

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mghdeveloppers profile image
MGH Developpers

Thank you !!
you just saved my day__

larrynoriega profile image
Larry Noriega

Mate, the very best one instructions out there innit!

ederfdias profile image
Eder Ferreira Dias


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