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How to Turn a String into an Array of Characters: 3 Ways to do so.

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Here are 3 different ways to convert a string into an array of its characters in javascript.

const str = 'Hello';

//1. Using split() method
const arr1 = str.split('');

//2. Using spread operator
const arr2 = [...str];

//3. Using Array.from() method
const arr3 = Array.from(str);

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Why make it that easy when we can make it much more complicated?

const str = 'Hello';

// 4. Using destructering assignement, Array.from and its map function
const { length } = str;
const arr4 = Array.from({ length }, (...[,i]) => str[i])

// 5. Using Object.values and destructering the string
const arr5 = Object.values({ ...str });

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