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Week four as a taskforce

Hello again!!

As we wrap up week four, I’m amazed by how fast time can be😅. I remember day one of week one vividly and we’re already at the end of week four. Anyways, this week was interesting, as I said last week we are having sessions about things we usually need in real life and that is basically why task force is a mentoring program to me.

Monday started off with Lionel’s technical review of the implementation of the dashboard and I have to admit I was impressed. These whole tech sessions made me work closer to the developers, it taught me that we see things in different ways, how to closely take care of the details while reviewing their implementation because as I saw they are things they don’t catch real quick so that the whole implementation looks exactly like the mockup.

UiUX to Dev

With the soft skills we had a session with Olaf about design thinking, where we learned about stages of design thinking and how they can impact the outcome of the project. We also learnt about the creation and use of personas, where you create a person with as much details as possible, I was amazed by how you find yourself thinking like that persona you just created and this helps to know who you are really creating for and adjust to their different needs.

We also had a session about Time management and how to be productive. In this session we learnt how to formulate our goals using the SMART technique, and immediately saw that this is already a step to completing effectively your goal.


Briefly, this week was interesting, we learned so many techniques that will help us be more professional and more focused to the product itself.

See you :)

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