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Paradis Isimbi
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Week 2 as a taskforce

Hello there!

Here we are again, wrapping up the second week in style😎.
This week was more challenging from very awesome team games in soft skills sessions to tough individual technical assignments.

Monday started off with Yannick’s session, I was introduced to the developer’s world a bit through the session on git workflows, the whole process was new to me but it was interesting to learn some technicalities and how they affect the whole process in the end.

Tuesday was a more relaxed day, morning session was about values, it was interesting because we often don’t realize what we know about ourselves until we pause and reflect on it, that session was more a reflection and it was also nice getting to know more about the team and CoA’s values.


That was basically it for the soft and easy part of the week😂, what followed was more of a rollercoaster, as part of our weekly technical challenges we had to create mockups that match a project we had to come up with based on functionalities we were given, hilarious huh?🤣 Normally it’s the project first but this time nahh.


This was a challenge because it’s not the usual way we did it before, we didn’t even know were to start but we found ways, this has allowed me to think of a certain functionalities as a main part of the project’s success not just as an add ons.

Briefly this week was more intense, more challenging but again more fruitful. On a personal level I feel like I’m improving and I can’t wait to see what I still have in stores😅

And as always, see you next week. :)

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